WhatsApp messages via Google Sheet

Step 1: Open Googe sheet -> Extensions -> Search and install Extensions called "Trigger & Send"

Step 2: Create Webhook to Action

Step 3: Click on Get Action

Step 4: Enter the name of the web action

Step 4: Click on Update format

Step 5: Setup your Message format

Enter your message and other details as shown in below image, make sure to put %% before and end of variable

Step 6: Get your Unique webhook URL

6.1 Click on "Webhook To Actions" tab --> Get Code

6.2 Select your Instance & Copy the unique webhook Link

Step 7: Add the unique webhook link into Google Sheet Trigger & Send plugin under "Send Data" and you are done..

Trigger Data Type

Now: Will send messages now after you copy pasted the sheet

On Event change: Whenever the google sheet updated, it trigget the event and user received the WhatsApp Message

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